Thursday, April 9, 2015

10 April. 1 month + 10 days on the island...

What have I been doing ? Guiding leisure divers, tank charging, equipment sorting & renting, arranging for dive boats....etc etc...

I'm now almost the same shade as what I was in Phuket back in 2009....ha!

3 more weeks to go ! Hopefully I can brush up my photoshoot skill .

View from my workplace

Monday, December 15, 2014

Caryn Dives Sekotong, Lombok

 龙目岛 - 巴厘岛的右边 - 一直以来被它那出名的 Gili Trawagan 吸引着。 不过这一次并没到 Gili Trawangan, 而选了Sekotong .偏僻,宁静的一个潜水好地方 !
第一天,去了 Sengigi。 不知道是 因为淡季的关系,这个旅游书上写的很happening的 Sengigi显的很静很静,路上没几个人。。。还是人都去了Gili一日游?

Lombok- located next Bali. I had been attracted to the popular Gili Trawangan all this while, but this time I choose the rural Sekotong instead of Gili Trawagan. Sekotong was said to be awesome dive location as compare to the Gilis.

We went to Sengigi on 1st day. Not sure whether is it due to low season, or is it everyone had went over to the Gilis for day trip, the whole street was like deserted. I hardly see more than 10 tourist on the road.

 Kebun Villa

Sengigi Bay

烤粟米配海景 ~~当地人的吹水站

Day 2,到Sekotong 去!已按排好的司机准时出现,60KM 的路,1 1/2 小时路程。一路上山下山,村子,稻田。。。这里的路可好的不得了,路虽小,可是是平坦的,完全没有洞!

这4天3夜,住在Cocotinos Sekotong ~ 一个boutique dive resort.

Day 2, onward to Sekotong! Pre-arranged driver came on-time. 60KM to Sekotong - 1 1/2 hr journey. It was up hill down hill,  villages , farm & paddy fields along the journey. One thing that I was amazed on , was that the roads in Lombok is flat & smooth, without any potholes!

Resort 里面
吃- 不错!非常大的份量。 我们拿full board 的 package,有包所有餐点。午餐和晚餐可选一个前菜,主菜和甜点。

EAT- pretty good ! Big portion. We took the Full Board package. We got to choose starter, main course & dessert for lunch and dinner.

Gado- gado

好吃夹大份的main course!

点Pisang Goreng 的时候没想到卖相是这样!

Banana Crepe

加几条布就可以举行我向往的beach wedding !
Just add in few more linen, then we are ready for my dream beach wedding!

(pic by AdlanSoon)
每天用餐的地方外观 ~ 海风,浪涛声+海景!
Place where we had meals ~ sound of waves, sea breeze & the awesome sight!

The kitties that came on-time every meal

Sea Sports Center (pic by AdlanSoon)
The sales person from Cocotinos had been very helpful in the arrangement of a surprise birthday celebration for Adlan. The whole restaurant staff sang Happy Birthday while sending up the birthday cake. ( courtesy of resort!)

The surprise for the birthday boy father(pic by AdlanSoon)

 重头戏~ ~~ 潜水!Scuba Diving!Odysseadivers - Cocotinos 旗下的潜水中心。负责人到餐厅来与我们会面,讨论隔天潜水的时间和按排。然后,潜水中心派人送来装潜水装备的篮子,待我们准备好后,再派人把篮子抬回中心,隔天出海时再替我们装上。(在这潜水还真的是很大爷/太太享受,有人替我抬,装,洗 !我只要带我自己上船就好了!)潜水上来还有船员端来热毛巾!问你要喝咖啡还是茶! 有一次上来时我在那喊冷,他们还端来温水,贴心极了!

SCUBA DIVING - we dove with the in house dive center - Odysseadivers. Person in charge - Zainal came to meet us and discussed with us on the next day meeting time & arrangement. The center brought gear basket to us to our doorstep. What we have to do is just pack our gear and leave it inside, and from them on they will handle everything till washing up the gear ! Awesome !
I liked the hot towel that they provide after every dive, it was really refreshing! 


Sekotong 看到了什么? 如下!
What did we see in Sekotong?

这个地方,一定会再来。听说八月份还可看到Hammerhead shark !
I'll be back to Sekotong....and I heard that Hammerhead is visible in Aug !

Photo's credit to IvanFoong

Monday, October 13, 2014

Goodbye to the Yellow Bird !

After 4 yrs with that airline, finally I said goodbye to them ! Had been abandoning this blog for so long, partly because I can't post anything about airlines on blog due to their regulations on social media..
Now that I had left, will come back with more !

Thursday, December 1, 2011

What must you have to become a Flight Attendant?

Yes...flight attendants wannabes got to meet certain height requirements, heath requirements, grooming & posture requirements, language requirements.....other than all these...they are still whole lots more that flight attendant wannabes should have, as below:

1) Don't mind to get dirty - crew got to clean toilets (not wash), rubbish ..pick up litters on the floor, and sometimes vomitus !

2) Able to work under stress - stress from the work load, stress from your colleague/superior and also stress from passengers

3) Live your life according to roster - for most airlines, u get your roster a month ahead, meaning that u only know where will you be on certain days only a month before. You can guarantee yourself is off duty on certain days by applying leave, but for that limited days of annual leaves quota, is definitely not enough to cover all the weddings, anniversary, birthdays gathering, family gathering & holiday that you wanna attend.

till now....will update once I can thought of more :P

Sunday, March 20, 2011

MH is recruiting!

Saw this on FB this morning, MH is recruiting again, for their World Best Cabin Staff, and also cadet pilot, Commander & Co-Pilot.

For cabin staff & cadet pilot, candidate got to be below 30 of age.

Check out for more details at their FB page here.

Monday, December 6, 2010

Cabin Crew Interview Preparation Course

Wanna see the world? Meet people?

Have dim sum in Hong Kong? Sushi in Japan?

Be in Paris for Valentine? New York for Xmas?

Wanna shop for Prada, Gucci, LV at a much lower price?

U can do so, by being a rich man/woman, or be a .....cabin crew!

Airlines are recruiting back to back recently, AirAsia, SIA, Emirates, Qatar.....even Cathay Pacific, grab the chances!

There is this intensive workshop by APIIC Consultancy that prepare aspiring cabin crew out there for upcoming airlines interviews. Get to know the interview's rounds, what to pay attention prepare u to be more confident, and thus increase your chance of successfulness!

Call them @ 0379573577 or email

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Upcoming Interviewsss.....

Cabin crew wannabes out there, there are tonnes of oppurtunities coming on the way!!

4th Dec: SIA @ Ipoh
11th Dec: SIA @ KL
11th Dec: Qatar @ Ipoh
18th Dec : SIA @ Singapore

Air Asia - apply online, no date given
more details
Cathay Pacific- no date were published on web, rumours said it will be held in Jan.
more details