Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Cabin Crew Interview II - Air Asia

U can really see people from all walks of life during Air Asia Walk-In interview , for example: gal that chew the chewing gum the whole day, even is their turn to be interviewed; gals that come in in pants or super short mini skirt.....well i am not sure of what Air Asia are looking for, so i got no idea whether dressing in mini skirt, casual is ok or not.

Few years back, they will do a few interview task together.
- You will be asked to walk on a stage, with their trolley bad & hand bag.
- walk towards interviewer after this , show them ur hand.
- read a passage in English
- 1 to 1 interview

Nowadays, they seperate it.
- you will be group in a group of 10, then 1 by 1 walk in to the room.
- in the room, follow the sign on the floor, and walk towards interviewers, and show hand.
- and walk out of the room, walk for result

I was always being booted out after this round...before even i could speak or introduce myself. So i really got no idea what they are looking for, and wat will happen next.


chiw said...

i tried so many times already for cabin crew interview in many different companies..i also don't understand what they actually wants. im trying my best to smile always, put on makeups, dress up as good as they want us to be but ended up i don't even get a chance to speak or intro myself i already been kick off after the cat walk. some of them saying just walk as normal and if they want or like you no matter how bad you are they will just take you. meaning even how hard i have tried to be also useless because is depends on the luck whether your interviewers like you or not. so unfair for those who work so hard for it but don't even get the chance to fly. who can help me out. i love this career so badly. who can understand how i feel actually =.= feeling so bad and so upsad when the moment they call up our name and thank us for coming.

Anonymous said...

Damn all these interviewers!! Only select what they like...